Snow Sports Clothing Requirements

Clothing / Helmets

With the upcoming Snow Sports Activities please familiarise yourself with the following clothing requirements.

Pupils must have wind and waterproof clothing. If a child is inadequately dressed, Nevis Range has advised they will not be allowed to ski. Suitable clothing includes
  • Socks - 1 pair long medium thickness woollen sock
  • Gloves – 1 pair padded gloves or mitts with waterproof covering. There should be an overlap with the jacket at the wrists.
  • Hat – Something which covers forehead and ears as well as main part of head
  • Goggles – these are not absolutely necessary, but will greatly enhance the enjoyment of skiers on poor weather days. Special ones are available for people who wear glasses.
  • Outer clothing – needs to be wind and waterproof. Preferably with a collar that will zip up to protect the neck and chin, and cuffs or fastenings at the wrist.
  • Under clothes – lots of layers. Eg leggings and tracksuit below over- trousers which are waterproof but provide no insulation shell. Leggings or tights only under a pair of salopettes. Vest/thermal, long sleeved shirt, wool or fleece top as a minimum. At least 2 more layers if the waterproof outer is a shell. Clothes should allow freedom of movement and if possible provide warmth even when wet.
  • Jeans or trousers with zips or buttons at the ankle are not suitable
  • Helmet


It is Highland Council policy that all children must wear a helmet..

Nevis Range has 60 helmets available free of charge. Children who have helmets may bring their own.

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