I hope you are all having a great summer holiday. The classes for next session are as follows:

Rainbow morning Miss Macdonald and Mrs Millar
Butterfly morning Ms Murray and Mrs McDonald
Rainbow afternoon Miss Fraser
Primary 1Mrs Patience (0.6) and Mrs Rankin (0.4)
Primary 2/1Mrs Butler
Primary 3/2Mrs Trotman
Primary 4/3Mrs Wilson (0.5) and Mrs Kennedy (0.5)
Primary 5/4Mrs Johnson
Primary 5Mrs Arkell (0.4) and Ms Hakim (0.6)
Primary 6Mrs Thompson
Primary 7/6Mrs Cowie (0.7) and Mrs Robertson (0.3)
Primary 7Mrs Gibbon

See you all on Tuesday 20th August!

Photo by Laura Pratt on Unsplash