School @ Home – Week beginning 29th June 2020

We hope you are all well and looking forward to the Summer break.

This week children should register as usual but there will be no daily task on the class streams. Parents and children should refer to the activity grid for tasks to do on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Monday there is a special surprise for the children on their streams so please encourage them to check in on that day. On Thursday the Primary 7 Leavers’ Virtual Assembly will be posted. The school also plan to have an evening ceremony for our Primary 7 pupils next session when this is allowed.

This weeks learning grid, letter from school and letters from Highland Council are attached.

The current situation is ever changing and, following the DFM’s announcement on Tuesday, the school have put contingency plans in place for four scenarios for August return to school:

  • 100% school return – no social distancing measures
  • 1 metre social distancing – blended learning
  • 2 metre social distancing – blended learning
  • Continued online delivery

You will receive a letter next week outlining what this will look like for your child should we have to continue with blended learning either at 1 metre or 2 metre social distancing.

The information we currently have is that staff will return to school on Tuesday, 11th August with pupils returning from Wednesday 12th August. Practical details, e.g. lining up, lunches, transport to follow. Thursday is the final day of this session and we hope that you all have a happy and safe summer.

School @ Home – week beginning 22nd June 2020

Classes next session

Parents should have received a letter with their child’s class for next session. If you have not received this letter, please contact the school at More information how classes are to be delivered next term is to follow.

Countdown to the summer break!

Attached is this weeks learning grid and letter from the school.

School @ Home – week beginning 25th May 2020

We hope you are all keeping well and keeping safe. I am sure you were all awaiting with interest the announcement last week by the First Minister and we look forward to hearing more details in coming days and weeks. The Parent Council are presently compiling a survey for parents to find out what issues you are most concerned about.  Keep an eye out for the survey coming your way. In the meantime this weeks learning grid, letter from the school and school survey results are attached.

School @ Home – Week beginning 4/5/20

Welcome to a new week of Balloch Primary @ home. We hope you are all keeping well. Attached is this weeks activity grid and letter from the school. We hope you have lots of fun with this weeks activities. Friday would have been a public holiday from school to celebrate the anniversary of VE day, so this weeks grid includes some themed activities in the run up to VE day.

School @ Home week beginning 27th April

Hope you are all well. Attached is this weeks learning grid and communication from the school.

 Check in 

Please ensure your child checks in daily with Balloch Primary School. If your child doesn’t check in two days running, you’ll receive an email from the school and on the third day a telephone call. This call may come from an unknown number but a message will be left. If your child is unwell and would usually be absent that day, please let the school know by emailing If you email the school inbox and don’t receive a reply by the afternoon of the next day, please resend the email. The school inbox is being manned and the aim is to respond to parents as quickly as possible. 

Communication with class teachers 

If you wish to contact the class teacher(s), please do this through the address. 


The plan is to hold a weekly assembly on a Friday. Similar to school, this will only be available on a Friday although we have extended the time from early morning to late evening. Nursery parents should have received an email today with a link so that their children can join in.