Children travel to school by a number of means including by bus, bicycle, car and on foot.


Information regarding eligibility to school transport can be accessed at

Forms can be completed online or are available from the school office.

Pupils who use school transport will be escorted to buses. All buses leave after 3.00pm but pupils who finish at 2.30pm will be supervised until 3.00pm. Any other pupils who finish at 2.30pm should be collected or go home as arranged. Pupils who are not entitled to use school transport may only do so, e.g. to visit a friend, when a request has been made to the contractor in advance. 

If there is a change in the normal circumstances for pupils in P1-3 going home, please let the class teacher know in writing in order to avoid confusion or misunderstanding. 

Children who travel by bus are expected to behave in an orderly manner and to do as the driver tells them. They should sit in a seat while the bus is in motion and wear seat belts. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child behaves appropriately when using school transport.

After they have arrived at school pupils may not leave the premises for any reason. 

Please note that transport is not a school responsibility and any queries should be addressed to the Local Transport Officer on 01479 812992.


Pupils may bring their bicycle to school, although we would advise against this unless your child has taken part in cycle training in the school. Any pupil using the school bicycle racks should have a helmet and lock for their bike. Presently, the school organises a cycle training course from Primary 5. Younger children cycling to school should be accompanied by an adult. The school cannot be responsible for bicycles damaged or stolen.


Concern has been expressed regularly over the children’s safety in the public car park adjacent to the school.

With the safety of the children in mind we have drawn up a suggested safety code which we would ask all parents using the car park to adopt.

Safety Code


1. SHARE, or even leave the car at home whenever practical.

2. DRIVE SLOWLY in the car park – particularly in icy conditions.

3. OBSERVE the one way system.

4. ESCORT P1, 2 and 3 children to and from your car.

5. EXERCISE CARE – particularly when reversing.

6. NEVER use the disabled parking spaces unless displaying a badge.

7. ONLY park in designated parking spaces.

All parents: Never allow your child to use the car park as a short cut. They should use the footpath behind the fence.

Our Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOS) regularly speak to the other children about ensuring they are safe coming to school.

On Foot

Please impress on your child the need to use the crossing. Please also advise your children that they should take great care while walking to school and impress upon them the need to stay on the pavement.

Pupils may enter the school playground from Cherry Lane or Cherry Park (morning only).